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Why StoryPrima DAO?

StoryPrima DAO was inspired by the founders' experience developing Legends of Cypher, a lore-heavy multimedia NFT project.

Over the nearly 1 year period we spent developing Legends of Cypher, we learned much about the operational aspects of launching Web3- focused intellectual property, the difficulties #StoryFirst projects have in capturing attention and mindshare in today's highly transactional and chaotic NFT environment and many more lessons.

StoryPrima DAO was founded to help make the journey of other individuals and teams seeking to harness NFTs to drive powerful and enduring storytelling easier. Our goal is to give them tools, resources and funding to help them develop "built to last" rich, story-oriented NFT projects. 

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Our flagship media property is the #StoryFirst podcast, a program focused on shining light on the mavericks who are leveraging the power of NFTs to tell the blockbuster stories of tomorrow.

StoryPrima DAO was founded by a team with deep experience in Web3 innovation, DAO development/ management, media, art, marketing and DeFi/TradFi.


StoryPrima DAO's initial roadmap focuses on building the foundation of our community-driven NFT project ecosystem, launching high-impact media properties, initial distribution of the PRIMA token and other activities.


PRIMA is StoryPrima's governance and ecosystem utility token. It will be utilized to grow our ecosystem, as currency to purchase NFTs from incubated projects, guide DAO decision-making and more.

Learn about the PRIMA Airdrop and Our First Incubated Project: Legends of Cypher
Learn about the PRIMA Airdrop and Our First Incubated Project: Legends of Cypher
Info: Airdrop & Project Info: Airdrop & Project